Connecting Women in Recovery

2024 Women’s Recovery Retreat

2024 Women’s Recovery Retreat

Spend a weekend "Getting Into the Flow of Recovery"!  We will explore self-inventory and deepen our insight (Step 10).  We will discover how this leads to being entirely ready to give up our character flaws (Step 6). We then are willing to have a change in attitude...

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Thank You For Your Support This November!

Thank you for supporting Ann Arbor Women’s Group and it’s mission to create opportunities for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction to develop and sustain a healthy, sober lifestyle.  We were able to raise over $7400 this November!


About our monthly events

Relaxing and fun

Movies and ice cream
Jewelry making
Family picnic at the lake


Health and Wellness
Taxes and Finance


Labyrinth Walks

Enhance Your Recovery

Women who make strong bonds in recovery tend to have longevity in sobriety. The Arbor Women’s Group bridges the gap for women, and we do it in a FUN way! A2WG conducts monthly activities to strengthen and enhance women’s recovery through fun, informative, healthy events. Our events, workshops and retreats are free, low-cost, and/or scholarship based.

Featured Blog Posts

Connection Was The Solution

Recently, I found myself repeatedly exposed to the idea that, for the alcoholic, learning to live sober is like learning how to breathe underwater. Taking a drink was like coming to the surface for air, a deep refreshing breath. That way of living was killing me....

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Staying On Point: Balance And Rebalance

“Do I have enough vodka to get through the day?” This was always the question before I got sober. If the answer was “yes,” I could focus on the little things like, what were my son and I going to have for dinner that day, or did I have an exam that day that I needed...

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Zoom: Meeting In The Future

My coworker sent me this video the other day. A lawyer was in an online hearing and there was a “filter” on his camera, meaning the computer was making him appear to be a talking cat to the other people in the meeting.  He didn’t know how to turn off...

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Women’s Recovery Retreat

The Women’s Recovery Retreat is the first weekend in August. It starts Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. One-third of the ladies that go to this event will go on scholarship. No car? No problem. We match the ladies up for a fun carpool ride to the retreat center.

The three-day retreat has:

  • recovery workshop
  • great food, snacks, fresh baked goods to take home
  • yoga, labyrinth walking, quiet reflection, recovery meetings
  • S’mores making at the beachside fire pit, drumming, dancing
  • swimming, sunbathing, lounging, fellowshipping
  • the “no-talent” talent show
  • crafts and a charm ceremony
  • and more…

Lake Huron Retreat Center
If you’ve never been to an A2WG 3-day retreat, you are in for a treat! The retreat center has hotel-like accommodations and sits on Lake Huron in Port Huron, MI. It’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful there. Writing about it just won’t do it justice. Watch the video on this page.