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Our Board of Directors

We are a volunteer “working” board.

  • We meet monthly to review budgets, discuss issues, and plan future events.
  • We work year-round to raise funds for events, scholarships, and childcare.

Our Staff

  • Two part-time employees are in charge of communications, social media, website, event coordination, blogs, and fundraising campaigns.
  • Trained accredited staff provide childcare at two weekly meetings

Our Partners


  • Negley Flinn Foundation
  • Kiwanis of Ann Arbor

In-Kind Donation

  • Lima Beads


  • We have received many one-time donations from organizations over the years.

Recurring Donations

  • General Fund
  • Childcare
  • Women’s Recovery Retreat

We encourage you to support our mission by visiting our Donation page.

Our Values and Logo


A2WG logo

We Value

  • Long-term sobriety
  • Unity and inclusivity
  • Giving back and paying forward
  • Healing and growth
  • Loving ourselves and others
  • Spiritual awareness and hope
  • Gratitude
A2WG logo

Our Logo Lady is

  • A symbol of the power every recovering woman has within herself, and the strength we take from each other
  • Modeled on the ancient Nile Goddess
  • Really YOU (all of us)

Why This Color?

  • The color is amethyst
  • The Ancient Greek word “amethystos” means “not intoxicated.”
  • Greeks and Romans believed this gemstone protected them from drunkenness
  • It’s a reminder that sobriety has been an important societal value throughout history
  • Sobriety continues to be celebrated in spiritual ways

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