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“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” Brian Tracy

How Your Donation Makes A Difference

Connecting women in recovery is our primary purpose. In early sobriety, most women have few sober friends; and they risk relapse if they hang out with their old friends. Further, many women worry they’ll never be able to have fun without drinking.

Research shows that women who make strong bonds in recovery tend to have longevity in sobriety. A2WG events create new healthy friendships among sober women while enhancing their recovery through fun, informative activities. Sober women are healthy, contributing members of society. They are dependable employees, and they are able to provide a stable home life for their children.

What Your Donations Do

Childcare Donations – A2WG provides child care at 2 recovery meetings per week. Please consider donating to this amazingproram, this will help us continue to provide childcare services that are staffed with CPR Certified, background-checked, and paid childcare providers.

  • A $10 recurring monthly donation makes you an A2WG Childcare Champion
  • A one-time donation of $50 will provide childcare for 1 of the meetings we serve
  • A one-time donation of $100 will provide childcare for 1 week at the two meetings we serve

Scholarship Donations – Scholarships for our monthly events and Annual Women’s Recovery Retreat can always be purchased! This will help attendees who do not have the financial resources to attend. Every year, approximately 50% of our event and retreat attendees are able to take part because of a scholarship! Most of our events cost under $25 and we always provide scholarships so finances are never a barrier to participation.

  • A $25 donation pays for a woman’s registration for our “Paint & Don’t Pour” event. It’s one of our most popular events!!
  • A $175 donation will give one woman the opportunity to go on our Annual Women’s Recovery Retreat
  • A $200 donation will provide seats at the yearly Women-to-Women Recovery Luncheon for eight women

Corporate Donations – In the past, many corporations have made monetary and in-kind donations. We appreciate a; of the support that we have received from the businesses in and outside of Washtenaw County. Corporate donation help fund our operating expenses and our scholarship fund.

More Ways to Support A2WG

Kroger Community Rewards

kroger rewards

Supporting A2WG is now as easy as scanning your Kroger Plus card…

Now you can designate A2WG to receive a monetary donation from Kroger, as part of the Kroger Community Rewards program!

Sign in at: Under “Community Rewards” designate A2WG as your organization. Then shop at Kroger and Kroger donates a percentage of your sales to A2WG!

The cost is nothing but a few minutes of your time to go online and choose us as your organization. Women in recovery will benefit.

If you are not a Kroger Plus member, just sign up at any Kroger customer service desk. Once you have your Kroger Plus card, follow the instructions above and designate A2WG to receive these funds.

Funds go toward event costs, scholarships, and the A2WG child care program.

Will you help us continue our vital mission of serving women in the recovery community?

Check out the Additional Guide for Enrolling / Re-Enrolling with Kroger Awards

Monthly Champions

Monthly Supporters
We encourage monthly donations from the women we serve (as they are able), so they gain a feeling of ownership and value in helping support A2WG.

Liz Audette
Cathy Freeman
Brady Goode
Eileen Grady
Nancy Harknett
Josh & Amber Horwitz- in memory of Harper Horwitz
Amy Thomas
Janice Weber

Thank you, Negley Flinn

A2WG has again received much appreciated funds from the Negley Flinn Charitable Foundation.

Thank you, Kiwanis

Kiwanis Thrift

Thank you Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Foundation for their generous grant to fund childcare for women in recovery.  Please support Kiwanis weekly Thrift Sale and Warehouse Sale

Thank you, Lima Beads

Thanks again to Lima Beads, LLC, for their generous in-kind donation of theme pendants given to participants for many years at the Annual Women’s Recovery Retreat. is an outstanding, full-service, online bead store selling commercial and artisan jewelry supplies and tools.

Please Patronize this special vendor, in your own purchases!