Bonfire and Brainstorming


Thursday, September 13th 6:00 pm





Location: Washtenaw Alano Club- 995 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor

Speaker: Elizabeth Reader, from Milford, MI

Cost: $0

Registration required (so we can plan the food)

A2WG’s main mission is to connect women in recovery. Let’s have a night of recovery, connection, and involvement. We’ll feast on pizza and S’mores by the bonfire, listen to an amazing recovery speaker, and then YOU can tell A2WG what sort of events you’d like to be involved in for 2019!

What is Your Love Language?

circles with love languages


Sunday, October 21st 2:00 – 4:00 pm



Have you ever said or done something with the intention of being loving, and yet had it miss the mark? You wonder what happened, why your sincere loving gesture fell flat.
The problem is not that you didn’t express yourself clearly, but that you weren’t speaking the same “Love Language.”
We all learn a spoken language from our families. In the same way, we also learn an emotional “Love Language” that allows us to understand we are loved, even when no words are used. Understanding our own Love Language and the Love Language of the important people in our lives helps us to give love—and to receive it!—more effectively.
This presentation will describe the 5 Love Languages as identified by Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages, The Secret to Love That Lasts. You will identify your own Love Language and discover how best to express love when someone has a different Love Language.

Location: Washtenaw Alano Club- 995 N. Maple Rd. Ann Arbor

Workshop Leader: Eileen Grady

Cost: $2

Snacks and drinks available