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Connecting Women in Recovery for 10 Years

A2WG is 10 years old! Certainly a reason for celebration!

The Ann Arbor Women’s Group was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in February 2007.

Who could have predicted back then the success we would have – monthly events for fun and/or education for women in recovery, free child care at 12 step meetings, an annual 3-day retreat and an overnight retreat, an annual comedy show, an annual family picnic and (most importantly) scholarships for women whose finances are tight so that all women are able to participate.

We have over 700 people on our contact list, and the generosity of our community has allowed us to have successful fund-raising campaigns to continue all of our programs.

Anniversary brunch

The Celebration

45 women gathered at Weber’s Brunch on Sunday, February 12, 2017 to celebrate these successes and enjoy each other’s company. We had good food and lots of great conversation. We had a small, fun raffle with women taking home water bottles, t-shirts, books and balloons.

An Annual Brunch?

Many of you suggested this should be an annual event. Who can argue with the joy of celebrating recovery with so many amazing women? Not me!

Why A2WG is so Vital to the Recovery Community

Two girls who are friends

There are detoxes, treatment, therapy, meetings, and other recovery resources.  All of these things are important to obtaining recovery. Studies have shown that people who make strong connections and emotional bonds in recovery have a much larger chance of having longevity in recovery. That’s what A2WG does. We connect women so they can make those strong social bonds, and we do it in fun, educational and unique ways!

Much Love xoxo

Thank you to all of you who support A2WG by your participation, your volunteer help and your donations. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings!

Cathy Freeman, President
Ann Arbor Women’s Group

President of A2WG reading to group

Thank You For Your Support This November!


Your donation helps us continue to support Recovering Women in Washtenaw County by providing fun and educational events, our yearly Women's Recovery Retreat, and free childcare at two recovery meetings every week.

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Free Child Care

The Ann Arbor Women’s Group’s free child care program fulfills a crucial need for parents in recovery. Since December 2010 A2WG has provided safe, free child care while parents attend their 12 step meetings.

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