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Prayer; What’s Your Path?

On March 19, 22 women gathered in Ypsilanti, Michigan for a workshop called “Prayer – What is Your Path?” Cathy F. led the first part of the workshop, as we learned that different personality types prefer different ways to pray. Each woman did a short survey to determine her own prayer type and all were given a list of different ways of praying that are best for each type.

Some Different Paths

Cathy presented four different examples of prayer, one for each prayer type, and everyone had a chance to try each one. We practiced writing a prayer journal entry on gratitude; we participated in a guided meditation; and we wrote an affirmation prayer.

The ladies at the workshop took a "test" to find their best pathway in prayer

Let’s Rejoice

Maybe the most fun was learning the Hava Nagila, a traditional Jewish dance of joy. The words to the beginning of the song translate as “Let’s rejoice; let’s rejoice; let’s rejoice and be happy.” There was certainly lots of laughter as we tried to move in a circle, not bump into each other, and dance faster and faster with each verse!

Dancing the Nagila Hava

Before lunch, Victoria M. led us in a short practice of chair yoga. Everyone really appreciated the chance to stretch and move.

Prayer Flags and Their Meaning

The last part of the workshop was led by Nancy R. who taught us about prayer flags – from the Buddhist tradition. Each flag is made with an intention and a prayer about that intention is lifted. As the flags flutter in the wind, the wind carries the prayer across the world. Each participant made a flag or two – using fabric and embellishments such as buttons, beads, lace and ribbon. These prayer flags and the prayers that they represent went home with the participants as reminders of their connection to each other and the universe.

Making prayer flags

Thank you to the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund for the grant that funded this workshop.

Cathy F.

To see more pictures of that day visit our Facebook page.


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