Women’s Recovery Retreat


Aug. 2nd, 7:30 PM – Aug. 4th, 1:00 PM

Linda Ludtke will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope from several 12 step fellowships. She is known for quick wit and the ability to present recovery issues in a gentle, clear way. Linda fosters a retreat atmosphere of spirituality, gentleness, humor, healing, fun, and fellowship.

Come join us at the beautiful Lake Huron retreat. Besides nature at its finest, there will be a healing service that soothes and integrates. As well as opportunities for fellowship, fun and rest. Bring a friend it has all the makings of a wonderful experience.

  • 3-person room: $175
  • 2-person room: $225 (limited)
  • Scholarship deposit fee: $30 (limited)



Need help registering? Call: 734.822.8514

The Women’s Recovery Retreat is the first weekend in August. It starts Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. One-third of the ladies that go to this event will go on scholarship. No car? No problem. We match the ladies up for a fun carpool ride to the retreat center. The three-day retreat has:

  • recovery workshop
  • great food, snacks, fresh baked goods to take home
  • yoga, labyrinth walking, quiet reflection, recovery meetings
  • S’mores making at the beachside fire pit, drumming, dancing
  • swimming, sunbathing, lounging, fellowshipping
  • the “no-talent” talent show
  • crafts and a charm ceremony
  • and more…

Lake Huron Retreat Center

If you’ve never been to an A2WG 3-day retreat, you are in for a treat! The retreat center has hotel-like accommodations and sits on Lake Huron in Port Huron, MI. It’s absolutely beautiful and peaceful there. Writing about it just won’t do it justice. Watch the video on this page.