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Fundraiser For Scholarships to the Women’s Recovery Retreat

It Begins…

Our May fundraising event—“the Activity Formerly Known as the Bake Sale”—took place over two weekends, May 2–3 and May 9–10, and it was a success. There was a lot of fun and fellowship around the table full of goodies and crafts, a lot of tummies came away very happy, and quite a few generous donations were made. We got the word out about upcoming A2WG activities, and a whole bunch of women added their names to the list to receive emails about upcoming recovery events. A great crew of volunteers contributed delicious baked goods, staffed the table, and joined in the Friday evening set-up and quiche-baking parties. All in all, a great way to connect with others in the recovery community, do some good service, and have a fine time in the process. Check the slide show below.

-Written by B.K.

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It Continues…

Depending on the amount of the expenses we have once all the receipts are totaled, will depend on the exact amount of scholarships we raised. It’s looking, right now, that about seven scholarships were raised by this effort. Not too shabby. Only thirteen left, BUT we aren’t done yet. We will continue our fundraising efforts, including another A2WG Bakery Fundraiser is July 10th and 11th. Get involved in the next bakery fundraiser. It’s a fun way to raise money for a good cause and a great fellowship opportunity!

For those people who weren’t able to contribute this weekend there is a “scholarship” option on our donation page. We are hoping that people will join the online effort in giving this year.



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