Connecting Women in Recovery

Get Involved

My coworker sent me this video the other day. A lawyer was in an online hearing and there was a “filter” on his camera, meaning the computer was making him appear to be a talking cat to the other people in the meeting.  He didn’t know how to turn off the filter and he makes the hilariously obvious statement, “…I’m not a cat…”

His situation was definitely worthy of the laughter and ribbing but we all have had our moment related to our new online lifestyle.  In fact, I commend all of you in recovery that are utilizing Zoom to maintain your sobriety.  My heart goes out to our newcomer community who began their recovery during the pandemic and still don’t know what it’s like to experience the support, camaraderie, fun and love that you get from in-person meetings.  But like Malcolm X said, “By any means necessary!” We still have to stay sober.  We need to stay connected.  Thank your Higher Power that we have options and tools to continue to do that today.

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Different Ways to Give on #GivingTuesday

Contribute in Someway, Shape or Form

Many people think that if they don’t have money to give, they can’t contribute during #GivingTuesday. Nonsense! There are plenty of ways to give that have nothing to do with money. Making an effort to be altruistic is what counts the most. There are so many ways to help out and so many organization’s that would be grateful for it (like A2WG).

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Are We Bringing AWARENESS? YES!

September is National Addiction Recovery Awareness month. I feel like before this year it was something that organizations did and those of us in recovery would celebrate (sort of) privately with each other but very few of us would come out publicly and talk about alcoholism or addiction. I mean, why should we? The stigma that surrounds addiction is horrible. There are so many misconceptions around addiction that most of us hide in our anonymous meetings and only our close family and friends know we are in recovery.

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The 5th Annual Picnic and Canoe Event

Every year the Ann Arbor Women’s Group has a family friendly picnic in July. This is one of the few events that men are welcome at as a guest of a woman in recovery. We also encourage children and dogs to come too. Recovery is a family affair and it’s important to include our families in our recovery. I brought my mother, son, ex-husband, dog and ex-boyfriend (I have a non-traditional family). 🙂

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