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I Am Responsible: The Top 5 Reasons to Stay Involved In the Recovery Community

If you have been in the recovery community for more then a year, consider yourself a recovered alcohol or addict, have taken the 12 steps, helped newcomers and attended a gazillion 12 step meetings, WHY should you stay involved?

Isn’t It Someone Else’s Turn?

When I did all of those things above, my life got good. Really good! I got married in recovery, had a baby, got my white picket fence dream house, did volunteer work for my community and my church, had money and new cars, I was respected and became a contributing member of society. Why did I even NEED to continue helping drunks and addicts. Wasn’t it someone else’s turn? Hadn’t I done enough…? Occasionally those thoughts cross my mind, but luckily it doesn’t happen often, and thankfully I don’t listen to them and this is why:

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Fundraiser For Scholarships to the Women’s Recovery Retreat

It Begins…

Our May fundraising event—“the Activity Formerly Known as the Bake Sale”—took place over two weekends, May 2–3 and May 9–10, and it was a success. There was a lot of fun and fellowship around the table full of goodies and crafts, a lot of tummies came away very happy, and quite a few generous donations were made. We got the word out about upcoming A2WG activities, and a whole bunch of women added their names to the list to receive emails about upcoming recovery events. A great crew of volunteers contributed delicious baked goods, staffed the table, and joined in the Friday evening set-up and quiche-baking parties. All in all, a great way to connect with others in the recovery community, do some good service, and have a fine time in the process. Check the slide show below.

-Written by B.K.

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Why Do We Call it a Bake Sale When it’s Not?

 No One’s Economic Situation Should Determine Whether They Attend The Retreat

Right now A2WG is in the middle of a fundraising effort to send at least one third of the registrants of the Women’s Recovery Retreat to the retreat center on on the beach at the retreatscholarship. We do this every year. We don’t believe that someone’s economic situation should determine whether they attend these sobriety “booster” events or not. The retreat center charges A2WG a good chunk of change per person, but if you’ve ever been to the retreat center, you’d understand why. Look at the pictures on our Retreat page and you’ll get it.

One Third of the Women Will Go On Scholarship

Sixty people will attend the retreat this year. Because the A2WG retreat has become so popular, we “sell out” earlier and earlier every year. Going to one of our retreats is like recovery on steroids.

So let’s do some math (groan). We need 20 scholarships and the cost of the retreat is $175.

20 x 175 = $3500

$vicki bake sale3500 is the minimum we need to raise to meet the goal of offering as many scholarships as possible. Last year we had more requests then we had scholarships. We had to turn a few people down. 🙁

Our biggest fundraising efforts for the retreat are the A2WG bake sales. Whoa… Why did I just call it a “bake sale” when the title of this blog says it’s not? Well, it’s a heck of a lot easier then saying:

“Make a donation to the scholarship fund and then take a baked good off the table as a thank you gift.”


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Shop, Scan, Support 

In order for Ann Arbor Women’s Group to continue receiving donations from Kroger you will need to re-enroll your card between *April 1st 2016 and May 1st 2016 for the May 1st start of the program.

Kroger Awards

• To re-enroll on-line you just simply go to
• click “sign in”
• enter your email and password
• click “enroll now”
• put in Ann Arbor Women’s Group
• click “enroll”

Once completed, you are then enrolled for A2WG to receive charity earnings during May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2016. (Yay!!! Thank you)

New Enrollment?
If it is the first time you are enrolling you will be prompted to register your Kroger card into the program.

Anyone having an issue with their email address or password can call 1-800-KROGERS for customer service.

Thank you for continuing to make a difference in Sober Women’s lives!


*If someone re-enrolls after May 1st they will only earn from the day they enrolled until April 30th 2017.