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Ann Arbor UNITED to Face Addiction

On October 4th 2015 the silence ended. That was the day that the UNITE to Face Addiction rally happened on The National Mall in Washington, DC. Tens of thousands of people in long-term recovery from substance use disorders came out and ended their silence so they could break the stigma of addiction.

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10 Tips for Newcomers: Tip 8 Finding a Sponsor

So if you aren’t looking for someone who has what you want, what are you looking for? Someone who has what you need. I won’t beat around the bush on this one. You need someone who is going to help get you connected to a Higher Power. That is accomplished through working the 12 steps.

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The blogs that are on the Ann Arbor Women’s Group site are considered “opinion” blogs. They are based on the blogger’s experience in recovery and may link to outside sources. These blogs, and the links, may or may not be the opinions of the Ann Arbor Women’s Group. We believe in multiple pathways to recovery and are not affiliated with any one method or organization.