Connecting Women in Recovery

Past Events

Happy SOBER Holidays

Last night, 26 women came together for a workshop called “Happy Sober Holidays”. Ann, Shiba, Air and Sara shared their challenges with holidays – family, friends, expectations, perfectionism, finances, etc. – and how they have dealt with these challenges. Their honesty and wisdom was inspiring.

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Raspberry Picking

The weather was “iffy” for our berry picking event but we decided to take the chance and luck was with us. Berry Hill Farm owners Jim and Nancy were there to greet us. They outfitted us with our “picking gear” – a cutoff gallon milk container and piece of cord used to tie the container around our waist.

Ten adults and ten children enjoyed the the fresh air, the sun peeping through the ever changing cloud formations — and of course the rows and rows of ripe raspberries. Another relaxing sober afternoon – a “berry” good time was had by all.

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Recoveryfest 2015
So I’m going to write this blog from my perspective, a volunteer. I volunteered at Recoveryfest, for A2WG, for almost eight hours so I probably had a different experience than someone who attended this event as a participant. But as with any volunteer work I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

First of all what is Recoveryfest? Quite a few people were there but not everyone was there and some folks may not even know what it is. Quite simply, it’s a celebration of recovery. Maple Rock and the LOPWOD committee (Lack Of Power Was Our Dilemma) brought in some AMAZING speakers from out of state. There were open talks, traditions talks, history talks and even a talk about the 12 concepts. This year had, by far, the best speakers at Recoveryfest. We are blessed to have committees like LOPWOD that bring us powerhouse recovery speakers from other states. You should be able to pick up a CD recording at Maple Rock.

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Our Annual Gathering

In early August there was a gathering of some 58 women at the Lake Huron Retreat Center on the shore of  The Great Lake, Huron, in Burtchville, Michigan.

As the early arrivals came, laughing, assembling, setting up welcome tables, cookies, coffee, road signs to show the way, in cheerful service to the group of gathering retreat participants, they were met by warm hospitality of the center’s staff, and something else… The lake itself had rolled out a glorious welcome. As the participants arrived, the mid-summer sun danced across the azure hues of blues and greens of Lake Huron, like a sparkling turquoise gem. Only a thin line of white waves, ruffled her dancing blue skirts along the smooth, stone strewn shore. The sky was so clear, that if you looked closely you could just barely see the opposite shore.

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