Connecting Women in Recovery


Taking your own inventory

Have you ever been trying to help someone out by telling them how they can better themselves or their life and all of a sudden they pop out with, “Take your own damn inventory!” My response was always, “I’m only trying to help.” But am I really? When I share my tidbits of wisdom is it for them or is it for me?

Let’s be honest. I’ve always been my number one concern, which is why I try to do so much service work to try and even things out. When I’m “helping” you by giving you unsolicited advice, there’s always a self-seeking motive behind it.

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The Gift of One Alcoholic/Addict Helping Another

In November and December A2WG focused on GIVING as a theme. We did:

  • ThanksGIVING Recovery Toolboxes- we made up boxes for women in treatment/detox or who were new to recovery. We filled those boxes with recovery literature, meeting list books for AA/NA, inspirational sayings, a “Woman in Sobriety” coin, recovery teddy bears, recovery silicone bracelets, cards with messages of hope, and a few other things. The boxes went to Home of New Vision, Dawn Farm and Maple Rock for them to give out, since these are the top places in town that have first contact with newcomers.

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How will I deal with the holidays?

We all have expectations for the holidays. We want everything to go right, be fun, but the reality for some is that it’s a sad time of the year. Stress, fear and sadness comes from many directions. It can be from over committing, trying to make everything perfect or loneliness. But for most of us it has to do with our daily struggle because of addiction.

We’re not alone. There are many that struggle, even the ones that fake their way through it. When we see all those cheerful people in the malls looking all happy, you’d be surprised how many actually feel blue. They just don’t want to be honest and show their true feelings. Many of us have to deal with the crazy relatives, parties you don’t want to be at, or the long lines at the stores. Why do you think they call it: “Surviving the holidays.”

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The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing but the Truth…

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.
James E. Faust

In the first paragraph of the chapter How It Works in the book *Alcoholics Anonymous, the word HONEST, or some derivative of the word, is used three times. Why would the authors of that book use that particular word multiple times to explain HOW IT WORKS? The “IT” they are referring to is recovery. On recovery coins many times you will see, “To Thine Own Self Be True” (in other words, stop bull sh*tting yourself). What does not drinking and drugging and being honest have to do with each other?

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