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Recoveryfest 2015
So I’m going to write this blog from my perspective, a volunteer. I volunteered at Recoveryfest, for A2WG, for almost eight hours so I probably had a different experience than someone who attended this event as a participant. But as with any volunteer work I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

First of all what is Recoveryfest? Quite a few people were there but not everyone was there and some folks may not even know what it is. Quite simply, it’s a celebration of recovery. Maple Rock and the LOPWOD committee (Lack Of Power Was Our Dilemma) brought in some AMAZING speakers from out of state. There were open talks, traditions talks, history talks and even a talk about the 12 concepts. This year had, by far, the best speakers at Recoveryfest. We are blessed to have committees like LOPWOD that bring us powerhouse recovery speakers from other states. You should be able to pick up a CD recording at Maple Rock.

What else was at Recoveryfest? A bounce house for the kids, games, a dunk tank, some of the best BBQ I’ve had since I left Memphis, face painting, free haircuts, information, recovery stuff, and of course THE MUSIC. Some great musicians blessed us with their musical talents. The night was wrapped up with one of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite peeps, Kerri Lynn Roche.

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A2WG’s Role

Where was A2WG during all of this? Well, we were under a tent with the other organizations and vendors. We had cookies, recovery awareness items, and information about our organization and what we do. What was the #1 seller from our table? The cookies of course. We alcoholic/addicts love our sweets. The goal wasn’t to make money. This wasn’t a fundraiser for us. In fact I’m pretty sure we lost money, but we met LOTS of new women in recovery. That was the goal. We wanted women to know that A2WG has free, low-cost and/or scholarship based events and retreats that they can attend with other women in recovery. We signed up 40 ladies to receive recovery event notifications via email or text message. That’s 40 more women that will be able to enhance their recovery if they choose to come to an Ann Arbor Women’s group event. We hope they do!

Stay in the Looptext EZA2WG to 313131 to receive recovery event texts

By the way… If you aren’t getting recovery event notifications, we’ve made it super easy to stay in the loop. Text A2WG to 2-2828 for emails, or text EZA2WG to 313131 for text notifications. Easy, right! 🙂

My favorite part of the day was… wellll… all day! Because whenever anyone came close to the A2WG table I would put a recovery awareness sticker on them and we’d chat for a few seconds or minutes. That’s the best part of recovery. We may not know everyone, but we know everyone. You know?


 A2WG Recoveryfest volunteers… We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Vicki M.
Amy T.
Maureen H.
Sue T.
Steven M.
Liz A.
Suzzanne N.
Carrie T.
Shiba P.
Laura H.
Lisa B.
Tamara D.

Peace, Love, & Sobriety,

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