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Netflix Binge Watching and Depression, Which Comes First?

New research from the University of Texas at Austin shows there is a strong link between depression and loneliness and the amount of television we binge on in single sittings. We’re not talking channel surfing here. We’re talking about holing up for a weekend and watching a whole season (or two) of Game of Thrones.

Now it doesn’t surprise me that excessive TV watching and depression go hand in hand because when you are depressed you tend to isolate, and when you isolate you stay home. Beside sleeping, depressive people will use TV to escape, losing themselves in a movie, TV program or “America’s new addiction,” NETFLIX. What does surprise me is that binge watching TV series’ can CAUSE depression. Greeeeeat! One more thing to worry about getting addicted too and the negative consequences it causes. THANKS NETFLIX.

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