Connecting Women in Recovery


Raspberry Picking

The weather was “iffy” for our berry picking event but we decided to take the chance and luck was with us. Berry Hill Farm owners Jim and Nancy were there to greet us. They outfitted us with our “picking gear” – a cutoff gallon milk container and piece of cord used to tie the container around our waist.

Ten adults and ten children enjoyed the the fresh air, the sun peeping through the ever changing cloud formations — and of course the rows and rows of ripe raspberries. Another relaxing sober afternoon – a “berry” good time was had by all.

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On Tuesday May 19, 2015 twenty ladies attended a private recovery-infused yoga session, booked just for the Ann Arbor Women’s group.

Executive director of Recovery-Infused Yoga, Lindsay Dolan, led us through an invigorating hour of “poses with a purpose.” We each chose an intention for our practice and thenRecovery infused yoga focused on our bodies, seeking a calm, non-reactive mind.

Positions were challenging for most of us, but beneficial to mind/body/spirit. We ended the hour relaxed and strangely rested. A2WG (i.e., Eileen) provided cold water and tasty protein bars. Many thanks to Lindsay for sharing Recovery-focused Yoga with us.


Amy T. (Member of the A2WG board)

It’s was a bitterly cold January day on January 10th 2015, with a temperature high of 10 degrees (more like zero with the wind chill factor) but did it stop 12 ladies from coming out for ice cream, fellowship and a movie? Noooo!

These ladies were champions just like the main character in the movie “Broken” that we saw at the Goodrich Quality 16 theater. It might have been cold that day but the fellowship we experienced warmed our hearts.


Ice, Fellowship and a Movie