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Shop, Scan, Support 

In order for Ann Arbor Women’s Group to continue receiving donations from Kroger you will need to re-enroll your card between *April 1st 2016 and May 1st 2016 for the May 1st start of the program.

Kroger Awards

• To re-enroll on-line you just simply go to
• click “sign in”
• enter your email and password
• click “enroll now”
• put in Ann Arbor Women’s Group
• click “enroll”

Once completed, you are then enrolled for A2WG to receive charity earnings during May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2016. (Yay!!! Thank you)

New Enrollment?
If it is the first time you are enrolling you will be prompted to register your Kroger card into the program.

Anyone having an issue with their email address or password can call 1-800-KROGERS for customer service.

Thank you for continuing to make a difference in Sober Women’s lives!


*If someone re-enrolls after May 1st they will only earn from the day they enrolled until April 30th 2017.