Connecting Women in Recovery


Are Recovery and Generosity Synonymous? You Betcha!

Have you ever noticed how giving people in recovery are? I’m not talking about monetarily, I’ve seen too many 12 step meetings fold due to lack of funds to make such a bold statement (don’t shoot the messenger). What I’m talking about is the giving of their time and their experience. Those are priceless resources! For any group to be successful it needs people to:

  1. A) Be a part of the group
  2. B) Help run the group


Now finding people to show up to events, workshops and retreats is my job. I send out the emails, post on social media, make and print flyers and

posters but we need volunteers to spread the word. At our SERVICE BEYOND SELF: Volunteer Sign-up dinner 17 people signed up to announce A2WG events at meetings they attend and bring flyers to those meetings (see pic). Now there are over 25 people out there spreading the word about recovery events which can strengthen women’s sobriety. The more women we can reach, the more women we can help!

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