Connecting Women in Recovery


Step One As A Way Of Life

They say step one is the only step you have to do 100%, but if you ask ten different people how they are powerless over alcohol/addiction they will most likely all give you ten circumstances in their life where they have been powerless. That answer is mostly right, but how are we ALL powerless in the same way? What makes us alcoholic/addicts?

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Does Our Silence Define Us? The Downside of Anonymity

When I began writing this blog I subscribed to Google Alerts for anything pertaining to substance abuse and recovery to stay up to date  on recovery and addiction topics around the country. Let’s be honest, Washtenaw County is its own little recovery bubble. Because of a big treatment facility in Ypsilanti and another treatment organization in Ann Arbor, and the really large recovery community that is here, it’s easy to forget there are people out there that have different views on addiction and recovery. Some folks believe addiction is a matter of choice and others believe that 12 stepanonymous-mouth recovery makes addicts victims.

What else are they supposed to believe? We don’t bother to educate people about recovery. We sit in our anonymous meetings because of the stigma of addiction and our silence allows people to define us. Maybe it’s time we take a page from the history books of LGBT community and get LOUD AND PROUD!

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