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How will I deal with the holidays?

We all have expectations for the holidays. We want everything to go right, be fun, but the reality for some is that it’s a sad time of the year. Stress, fear and sadness comes from many directions. It can be from over committing, trying to make everything perfect or loneliness. But for most of us it has to do with our daily struggle because of addiction.

We’re not alone. There are many that struggle, even the ones that fake their way through it. When we see all those cheerful people in the malls looking all happy, you’d be surprised how many actually feel blue. They just don’t want to be honest and show their true feelings. Many of us have to deal with the crazy relatives, parties you don’t want to be at, or the long lines at the stores. Why do you think they call it: “Surviving the holidays.”

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The holidays can mean fun, family time, get-togethers, fireworks, lakes, and sometimes parties and BBQ’s with Alcohol. If you are obligated by family responsibilities to attend one of this outtings that may have alcohol, it’s good to have a strategy. If you are feeling really uncomfortable about attending a drinking event you have a few options.

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