Connecting Women in Recovery


The Awesomeness of Recovery

Undoubtedly there are more than three reasons that recovery is awesome but I’m going to take my top three favorites. I’m not even going to use “being sober” as one of those reasons because, let’s be honest, not everyone that’s sober is in recovery. You know who I’m talking about, they are so dry you don’t want to light a match around them lest they burst into flames. Father Martin (Chalk Talk excerpt) used to say you could always tell a dry drunk, not by looking at them, but by looking at the people around them because they’ll be walking on eggshells.

So let’s look at some awesomeness!


The feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves. The connectedness that you have being around a group of people in recovery is sometimes a palpable feeling. Have you ever walked into a room and saw your friends in recovery and your heart just swells? We share a common problem but more importantly we share a common solution. We are on this path together. These are real friendships! You know that these people have your back no matter what. You can share your problems, cry on their shoulders, share your good news and know you have a group of prayer warriors in your corner.
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