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The 5th Annual Picnic and Canoe Event

Every year the Ann Arbor Women’s Group has a family friendly picnic in July. This is one of the few events that men are welcome at as a guest of a woman in recovery. We also encourage children and dogs to come too. Recovery is a family affair and it’s important to include our families in our recovery. I brought my mother, son, ex-husband, dog and ex-boyfriend (I have a non-traditional family). 🙂

Mixing it Up

In the past years we’ve been to Silver Lake, Independence Lake and a couple of other lakes. This year we decided to mix it up a little more by adding a canoe trip to our “lake” picnic and do it on the river. We canoed from Argo canoe livery to Gallup Park. HUGE success!!! The weather was a typical July day with temperatures in the mid-80’s, a little bit of humidity (not as bad as the days preceding the event) and we had some puffy white clouds floating by to block the sun from time to time. Need a visual? Here ya go!

huron river in ann arbor michiganann arbor michigan huron river






We rented 10 canoes, 5 double kayaks, and 5 single kayaks. So with kids in the middle “3rd seat,” we had about 40 people canoeing. All those wet drunks (and families) and we were all sober!!! I know many folks don’t think that they will ever have fun again when they get clean and sober but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We had a BLAST!

 Time to Picnic!

After the canoe trip we found our way to the Gallup Park “wooden shelter.” There was food a plenty and even more sober people there. I didn’t take a head count but I’d say there was over 50+ people there. That’s where the fellowship and laughter really took off. We tried to organize a 12 step meeting and outdoor games but people really enjoyed sitting in the pavilion and chatting with friends so we went with it. We’re laid back like that. 🙂

Check out the pics from the “Fun in the Sun” Canoe/Picnic Event 2015

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What’s Coming Up

This has been a summer of fun for A2WG and we’re only half-way there. Everything we do is fun, fun, fun! Even the service work (plus it’s rewarding). This is what the rest of our summer looks like:

I believe there is raspberry picking event coming up too. Check the A2WG website in a couple weeks for the date and time on that event.

The bottom line is recovery is a lifestyle and it’s a joyous lifestyle at that. If you aren’t enjoying recovery, join us! We’ll put a smile back on your face. 🙂


Peace, Love & Sobriety

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