RecoveryFest 2015

A bounce house for the kids, games, a dunk tank, some of the best BBQ I’ve had since I left Memphis, face painting, free haircuts, information, recovery stuff, and of course THE MUSIC.

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6 Months Makes Such a Difference; Kim’s Story

Six months ago I was absolutely insane. I thought I was able to manage my life and lost sight of my powerlessness over alcohol and other substances. I had been sober from March of 2011 until August of 2013. I did what I like to refer to as working the steps in reverse. The relapse of spirit and mind, before the substance is used.

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10.04.2015 The Silence Ends

I’m tired of seeing my brothers and sisters die. I’m tired of people treating addiction like it’s a moral issue and not a health issue. I’m tired of people going to jail when they should be going to treatment OR when they get out of jail they are thrown right back into the same environment that they were in before. There isn’t enough detox beds, there isn’t enough free treatment, there isn’t enough sober living environments. I’m tired of first responders not being equipped with a $33 opiate blocking drug that can save someone from overdosing and dying. It’s time to change things!

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